Nicholas, Army Veteran, Welding 1 and 2 Graduate

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“Transitioning out of the military is already hard enough. At Workshops for Warriors, you’ll gain friendships and knowledge that nobody can take away from you.
Thank you, Workshops for Warriors. It’s been an incredible experience.”

San Diego native Nicholas Snodgrass has always been a determined individual. After finishing high school, Nicholas attempted to strike out on his own, but setbacks led him to search for a more fulfilling path. In 2016, he decided to enlist in the Army.

As an artilleryman in the Army, Nicholas enjoyed the excitement and camaraderie that military life offered. However, after honorably completing three years of service, he faced the daunting task of transitioning back to civilian life. “I was out for a few years, and it was difficult transitioning,” Nicholas said. “I went from job to job. I worked at a grocery store, at a veterinary clinic, and in the off-road industry for a little.” Despite his best efforts, he struggled to find a fulfilling career that would allow him to grow both professionally and personally.

Army veteran TIG welding at Workshops for Warriors

Then, Nicholas’s father sent him a link to the Workshops for Warriors website. “I thought it was like a godsend because I knew I had to get my life going and be a contributing member of society, but I didn’t know what specifically I wanted to do. So, when I looked at Workshops for Warriors’ website, it just clicked. It seemed perfect.”

Nicholas enrolled in the Welding 1 program at WFW. While initially nervous about entering a new environment and learning a skill he had never tried before, Nicholas found solace in the approachability of the instructors. “I was nervous at first because it was a brand-new environment, and I had no experience,” he said. “But right off the bat, the instructors were super cool and personable. That made it easy, and the farther I went, the easier it got, and the more I enjoyed it.”

After graduating from Workshops for Warriors’ Welding 1 program, Nicholas decided to pursue the intermediate Welding 2 program, enticed not only by the advanced skills he would gain but by the significant pay raise associated with that level.

Nicholas graduated from Workshops for Warriors with 33 nationally recognized certifications in welding. Beyond the practical benefits, the environment at WFW held a special significance for Nicholas. Surrounded by fellow veterans, he experienced a sense of belonging that mirrored the camaraderie of military life. “Being here around other veterans definitely felt familiar. It feels like home,” he shared.

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