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About Workshops for Warriors:

Founded by Navy combat veteran Hernán Luis y Prado, San Diego-based Workshops for Warriors (wfw.org) is a non-profit school that offers transitioning service members and veterans accelerated, multi-disciplinary advanced manufacturing training and nationally recognized certifications in CNC Machining and Welding.

WFW has more than 1,200* graduates, from our four-month program, who have earned more than 14,000* nationally recognized certifications and are working in advanced manufacturing careers in every state of our nation!

Workshops for Warriors (wfw.org) provides veterans, who are already mission-focused and ethically-rooted, an opportunity to earn job placement and help solve the advanced manufacturing crisis that threatens American competitiveness. We’re training the top one percent of Americans that served honorably in our armed forces for a new mission, a mission to rebuild American advanced manufacturing.

We place veterans graduating from our program in high-paying, upward-trajectory positions earning an average starting salary of $60,000 per year at major American manufacturers, including Ford, General Dynamics, Boeing, SpaceX, Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co., and more. Since our inception in 2008, 94 percent of our graduates are employed full-time and are industry leaders in advanced CNC machining, robotics, 3D printing, laser cutting, and more.

Info or apply at: wfw.org

*stats as of 12/15/2023

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  • Both “Workshops” and “Warriors” are plural – Workshops for Warriors.
  • Hernán Luis y Prado is pronounced “Air-Nan Loo-Ees Ee Prah-Doh”
  • Hernán always has an accent over the “a”
  • If writing last name only, it is “Luis y Prado” NOT “Prado” alone

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