Weld Like a Girl™ is an empowerment project for girls and women using welding and creativity to boost self-esteem and whole-person wellness. We provide a safe environment to explore the mysterious world of welding and cutting hot metal, understanding that this world may be completely foreign and many will need some guidance navigating along the way.

More of What We Do

  • Teach girls and women about safety, plasma cutting and Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
  • Empower participants to recognize, understand and overcome self-imposed obstacles
  • Demonstrate proper welding and cutting techniques so that participants can comfortably use lab equipment to produce a project of their own imagination
  • Employ “green practices” including the use of recycled materials and minimal impact products
  • Create a safe environment for learning in a small group setting
  • Provide a fun and innovative recruiting tool for colleges and vocational training programs

We provide a small group setting of usually no more than 12 people so that everyone can get the individual instruction and attention they need. Weld Like a Girl provides all safety gear including safety glasses, welding jackets, gloves and welding helmets, and Workshops for Warriors will provide the welding machines, shielding gases, consumables and electrodes. Each participant of a Weld Like a Girl workshop receives a water bottle with included infuser so that healthy hydration can happen throughout the day.

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