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Shaye, Current Veteran Student

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Workshops for Warriors Allows Shay to Rebuild Her Future Alongside Her Peers

Sachette Barette, or Shaye, 27, knew she wanted to be in the military since she was young. Although her focus started on becoming a military lawyer thanks to the TV show JAM, she became a military police (MP) officer while in the army and fell in love with it. This is where she stayed for her nearly 8.5 years in the Army where she went on two tours.

It was when Shaye got married to a Navy Corpsman that her Workshops for Warriors story really began. After meeting in Guantanamo Bay and getting married, Shaye, being Army, and her wife, being Navy, found that this would make it hard to bounce around, so she ended up leaving the military and looking for jobs outside of the police force with little success.

“If you don’t want to stick to your military training it’s pretty hard to find something else because everyone just places you in that aspect. Being an MP officer you have to be great at customer relations, customer service, management; but the only aspect people see is that I’m a cop.” She said. “When I got out, I was looking at customer service jobs, customer relations. I’ve met with foreign dignitaries, foreign military, things of that nature, so I can do a whole lot more than the gun and a badge.”

Shaye ended up moving back home for a short time holding a job as a security guard before moving to San Diego, where her wife was stationed, where she took another security job. However, this wasn’t where she wanted to be.

“When I got out I transitioned into security because I knew it was something I could do and I wanted to help out my wife, but it wasn’t something I was passionate about.”

Shaye found Workshops for Warriors through one of our staff members, Justin Fack. Shaye was hanging out with some friends talking about life after the military, which is where she met Justin who told her about the program. After taking a look at some of the Workshops for Warriors donors and checking out the website, she met with the Education Coordinator, filled out some paperwork, and started school.

Shaye’s father is actually a welder and manufacturer as well, so it was a great fit. She’s always liked building things and using her hands, so making this transition wasn’t too difficult for her once she found a place like Workshops for Warriors.

When asked what she might do next, she talked about the uncertainty of where she might live and when she may be moving with her wife. She explained that Workshops for Warriors Education Coordinator Sara Lovato worked with her to help make sure she is successful wherever she ends up.

“My wife’s tour of duty here is almost done and we’re going to be leaving soon. Sara is awesome. She helped me push all of my classes up in case I leave early and has told me about certain companies that are near military bases because my wife wants to go to the east coast. You just let her know where you’re going exactly and she can help you find a job. Even after they place you, but then life happens and you have to go somewhere else, they can accommodate that as well.”

Shaye also made mention of meeting the President of Mastercam and how motivating it is to see a woman in this type of leadership position.

“It gives you so much more hope. I’m the only woman in my Mastercam class and my welding class and it was the same situation in my previous welding class as well. I’ve always been in a male-dominated environment and I always aspire to be better than if not a complete equal.”

Not only did Shaye value meeting women in leadership roles, but she also touched on what it meant to her to go to school with other veterans. She explained that leaving the military the “what ifs” always take hold, but Workshops for Warriors gives you a foundation to help start rebuilding your future in an environment of your peers.

“That’s the one thing you miss. Once you’re in the military it never leaves you. Everyone will always tell you it’s never really the lifestyle, it’s the people that you meet.”

Shaye is still enrolled at Workshops for Warriors, currently enrolled in Mastercam and GMAW (MIG welding). Up next she’ll be taking TIG welding and SolidWorks.

Shaye has currently earned the following nationally recognized credentials:

  • Mill Design and Toolpaths X9
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding Basic Vertical (SMAWB)
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)

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