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Sam, Class of 2019

Success Stories

Mauro, Class of 2020

Success Stories

Claudia, Class of 2019

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Employer Success Stories


Benchmade Knife Company

“I would equate his proficiency level when he joined our company to that of someone who has been in the industry for a few years. We very much see this organization and others like it as important to our success. It’s a win-win in our book. When hiring these graduates, we not only support veterans, and by extension their families, by offering them good paying manufacturing jobs, but their impact on our productivity and culture can be felt company wide.”


HRE Performance Wheels

“We had a good experience with Kordrell; I think we all liked him from the beginning. We interviewed pretty extensively. Candidates interview with 3, 4, and sometimes even more people just to make sure everybody buys into that person. With machinists, we usually give them a written basic CNC machine shop test. Part of the interview process too is taking them on the production floor and quizzing them on different aspects of the equipment and how they would go about certain tasks. Some come in with experience, but most are more just operations.”



“We had trouble finding quality people with any machining or industry experience and when we did, finding someone with Mastercam programing experience has been incredibly rare. Those with full programming experience that we came across where available for a reason that made them not attractive new hires.”

Kendell Dancy pic_small

Proto 1 Designs

“We advertised through Craigslist and and Kendell applied through both, so that said something to us. He was making the effort, was well spoken, and you could really tell that he did research on the company and what we had done in the past. He showed interest and put the groundwork in. Kendell had a foundational knowledge, but it was a lot of intangibles like work ethic and willingness to learn that sealed the deal […]. Those who are well-spoken with a good attitude is what has been hardest for me to find.”


FoxFury Lighting Solutions

“We are growing at a rapid pace and have filled just over a half-dozen new positions this past year among Sales, Engineering, and Marketing. Luckily, we have managed to fill all of our open positions successfully. The difficulties found in filling the positions come from finding the candidate who not only has the required skill set, but who is also is a great fit for the culture of the organization. This could even be considered a more important requirement. Aaron far exceeds both.”

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