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Dylan, Class of 2015

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Dylan Set to Apprentice Veteran Machinist

Dylan, 21, a Bulk Fueler in the US Marines Corps, has a smooth transition lined up for entering the civilian workforce. He plans on moving back to his hometown of Pittsgrove, New Jersey, in July, 2016, where he will work as a machinist in a family-run machine shop called DDS Design.

Dylan attended Workshops for Warriors for one semester, and his training will continue when he starts working – he will shadow a machinist who has been working in the field for 50 years and he will eventually take over when he retires.

“I envision a successful future. I am excited to work alongside someone who has been in the field for a long time,” he said.

One of Dylan’s friends was a student at Workshops for Warriors the semester before he started attending, and he highly praised the program. “He said it was awesome, you leave with a ton of certifications, and that the program is very hands-on,” he explained.

Dylan said that as he progressed in the classes, he felt the momentum building. “In the classroom, there is a ton of hands on time running parts and practice parts,” he said. “But it was when I passed the SOLIDWORKS CSWP that I was given a ton of hope and confidence.”

When asked what Workshops for Warriors has done for his life, Dylan replied, “It is hard for me to put it down in words. It gave me more of a solid career path and future. It make it easier to make being a machinist my career path as well.”

Dylan foresees no hiccups when he transitions. He will go from having a paycheck from the military to having his first civilian paycheck without any break.

Dylan looks at his time at Workshops for Warriors very favorably. “The quality of the training was amazing. The instructors and teacher’s assistants were awesome and very helpful. I think the material that they covered in four months was not too much, and not too little. It was just right.”

Dylan received the following nationally recognized credentials

  • Lathe Design and Toolpaths X6 (Associate Level)
  • Mill Design and Toolpaths X6 (Associate Level)
  • NIMS: CNC Milling: Programming Setup & Operations
  • NIMS: CNC Turning: Programming Setup & Operations
  • NIMS: CNC Turning Skills II
  • NIMS: Measurement, Materials, & Safety
  • SOLIDWORKS Associate – Mechanical Design (CSWA)
  • SOLIDWORKS Professional – Advanced Drawing Tools
  • SOLIDWORKS Professional – Advanced Sheetmetal
  • SOLIDWORKS Professional – Advanced Surfacing
  • SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP)
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