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Corey, Class of 2016

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Workshops for Warriors Gave Corey the Opportunity to Learn 3D Modeling, Helping Him Realize Where He Wanted to Focus His Career 

Corey worked in the Navy in underwater mine warfare during his 10 years of service. There he learned everything from how to drive the ship, fix hydraulics, how to navigate the ships, how to maintain and shoot the guns, and planned tactics and developed new techniques for mine warfare. He spent two years stationed in San Diego and the rest of his time was spent overseas.

“I was stationed in Japan for three and a half years on USS Patriot MCM7. Straight from there I went to Bahrain, Iraq for one and a half years and did anti-piracy on the civilian oil tankers. From there I went to training for about a year and then went back overseas to Bahrain and got selected as the advisor to the Admiral for modern warfare. That’s where I wrote advanced tactics for UV platoons defense,” Corey said.

Corey explained that he joined the Navy was something that “just kind of happened.” There was no work around his hometown of Grass Valley, California, and so he joined the Navy. He decided to leave the service after 10 years because he got orders to go back to Bahrain, meaning he would have been back in San Diego for less than one year before having to travel back to Iraq for another two years.

Fortunately for Corey, he had a side job at night during his time in San Diego, which got him interested in machining and helped make his transition easier.

“The last two years that I was here in San Diego I was working a side job at night as an apprentice in a machine shop at Watts Engineering. So I did that at night, and then I heard about [Workshops for Warriors] programs where I took the SolidWorks and Mastercam courses.”

Corey heard about Workshops for Warriors while sitting behind the WFW Founder, Hernán Luis y Prado, at a sprint car race. They met at the race and started talking about the programs and then starting emailing. Soon after, Corey started classes.

When asked about the program, he said, “I know it does give quite a few people hope on having a career besides being a laborer or doing the same thing they did in the Military. That’s the impact, getting Veterans a job so they’re not turning to drugs or being homeless, which happens quite a bit. I had a few friends who were Veterans who didn’t amount to anything when they got out. They went to school and they got a degree and they didn’t do anything with it because they didn’t know that they didn’t like it.”

In fact, Workshops for Warriors helped Corey realize what he liked and didn’t like as well. The credentials he earned at Workshops for Warriors will help him succeed in his future plans.

“It made me realize that I actually like 3D design and modeling more than I actually like machining parts. So it made me really think about going back to school and getting my engineering degree since I hadn’t really thought about what I wanted to do if I did go back to school. I learned 3D modeling here, so I learned what I liked and what I didn’t like.”

“In the near future I’m going to be a maintenance supervisor at an almond processing facility. If I was going to stay in San Diego I would have stayed working here, but the whole reason for getting that job is because I want to live up in Chico, California. There are five companies up there that make, design, and develop agricultural machinery, so with my background as a machinist and my SolidWorks certifications that I got here, I’m hoping to spend two years at the processing facility while I earn my engineering degree, and then get a job at one of those five companies.”

Corey earned the following Nationally recognized portable and stackable credentials at Workshops for Warriors:

  • Mastercam Lathe Design and Toolpaths X9
  • Mastercam Mill Design and Toolpaths X9
  • National Institute for Metalworking Skills – Measurement, Materials & Safety
  • SolidWorks – Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA)
  • SolidWorks – Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP)
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