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Aaron, Class of 2015

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Aaron Lands – Engineer Drafter

When Aaron, now 34, was in the US Navy as a Machinist Repairman, he had plans of retiring from the service. His plans were abruptly changed when was caught in the crosshairs of military downsizing. After serving 12 years, he had to reinvent himself and come up with a new plan for his career.

He ended up finding a job as a manual machining apprentice. He realized that he wanted to do more with his career, so he started going to a local community college and he picked up a job at Home Depot.

But Aaron’s future changed one night when he sat down at his computer and did a Google search for “machine training and veterans.” Workshops for Warriors website came up, and after scouring the site for information, Aaron decided that he wanted to see if he could get into the school. He submitted an online inquiry and toured the facility.

“I was impressed with the facility. I liked seeing all the computers and I especially liked seeing the CNC machines. The advanced manufacturing equipment really sealed the deal for me.”

Aaron appreciated receiving some scholarship assistance to help with the cost of living while he was focused on taking machining classes at Workshops for Warriors.

After a few semesters under his belt, Aaron started to think about finding another apprentice job operating a CNC mill or lathe. But then as he started to amass CAD skills, he started hoping that he would land a job as a technician or a drafter. His hopes were realized when he ended up landing a job as an Engineering Drafter at FoxFury Lighting Solutions in Oceanside, California.

“I see growth in my future. We support firefighting, police departments, the military, and homeland security. There is a lot of room for growth as it is a small company. I am getting a lot of great experience,” he said.

Aaron is tremendously satisfied with the doors that opened up for him after attending school at Workshops for Warriors.

Aaron received the following nationally recognized credentials:

  • 3-Axis CNC Milling Machine Setup (New Control)
  • 3-Axis CNC Milling Machine Programming
  • CNC Milling Skills II
  • Mill Design and Toolpaths X7
  • NIMS: CNC Milling: Programming Setup & Operations
  • NIMS: CNC Turning: Programming Setup & Operations
  • NIMS: Measurement, Materials, & Safety
  • SOLIDWORKS Associate – Mechanical Design (CSWA)
  • SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP)
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